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  1. Many clergy feel inadequate with the tax returns they prepare for themselves, even while using professional tax software. “How can I be sure,” they wonder, “that while I end up with a beautiful finished product, that I am doing the very best possible for myself?”

  2. With a clergyman’s tax returns making up a minutely small percentage of the business of most tax preparers, they are not always knowledgeable on all of the nuances of tax savings for the clergy.

  3. You have nothing to lose for this complementary service of a 2nd opinion. Outside of the cost of a few minutes of your time, it is absolutely FREE.

  4. The odds are, you have so much to gain: if I discover that I can get you back some of your money, the cost for preparing your amended return is minimal in comparison what you’ll be getting back.

  5. On average, I’ve been pleased to get back for the clergy between $1.500 and $2,500 for each of the past three tax years. Given the three-year limit on filing amended returns, that means between $4,500 and $7,500.

5 Reasons for Getting Your 2nd Opinion

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