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Tax Savings to Grow

Church Finances

Church Financial Growth by the Member’s Personal Financial Growth

Weekend Member Workshop

​The Prophet Hosea is known as one of the minor prophets of the Bible; however he declares a MAJOR message that can be applied to our personal finances: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: . . .” —Hosea 4:6 (First part). In other words, when it comes down to how we handle our personal finances, what we don’t know can certainly hurt us. Therefore, for the benefit of your members, along with their family, neighbors, and friends, we can make available any of the following weekend workshops:

  • What Every Christian Should Activate from His Judeo Heritage: Prosperity  

  • Operation Breakthrough: The Key to Debt Reduction

  • Home Ownership: How to Obtain, Optimize, and Enjoy God’s Gift for Christians

Church Financial Growth by Member's Personal Growth

Church Financial Growth by Member's Personal Growth

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