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Tax Savings to Grow

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Small Business Owner's Retirement Bail-Out

Andy Andrews - Age 53 Angie Andrews - Age 53

First Payment on June 05, 2028

Annuity Amount of $36,300

Why the Business Owner Might Need a Bail-Out

Business Owners and Other Professional...

when saving for their retirement inside of their pension plan, are burdened with the costly non-discriminatory requirements demanded by pension law. While there are minor differences based on the varied plan types, in the basic rule is as follows: the percentage of income saved for the business owner must also be saved for the balance of the work force.

Annual Savings Goal
Owner’s Annual Income
Required % for Workers
Workers’ Payroll Assumption:
25% of Workers Payroll


     To save $60,000 for Himself, he must pay $60,000 for other workers!

Initial & Annual Contribution



Gift Annuity


Future Gift


(Approximate Value)

  1. Property transferred to charitable organization. Total tax deduction of $191,101; may save income taxes of $75,676.

2. Annuity payout of $36,300. Tax 

    free payout $20,497.92. Estimated 

    total payouts are $1,127,022

    Based on total tax benefits, an

    effective rate of 7.72%.

3. After annuity payments

    distributed to annuitants,

    approximate remaining

    value given to church.

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